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Yep. For people with diabetes, the main thing to note is that intense lifting can cause a temporary increase in blood glucose levels, compared to cardio training which usually causes a decrease. “The biggest difference between powerlifting and cardio is the impact on glucose levels,” says Kirpitch. “There’s often a rise in glucose that people don’t anticipate when they do anaerobic activity, strength training, things of that nature, compared to running. People assume that any exercise is going to result in lower blood sugar, and they then come out of an anaerobic strength workout and they have no understanding to how that manifests. So it’s a very different type of situation.” So what should you do before, during, and after a workout to maximize benefit and minimize risk? It depends on your potential for low and high blood sugar, which varies by patient. “If you’re not on insulin, the target blood glucose can be lower before starting exercise,” says Kirpitch. “But if you’re on insulin, you probably want the blood sugar to be at least over 100 for powerlifting and weightlifting, even 120. It doesn’t need to be as as high as it needs to be for cardio, because with lifting the blood sugar is likely to rise.” A post shared by Hoboken Diabetic (@hobokendiabetic) on Whether and how much your blood sugar increases from lifting weights depends on how well-trained you are — the newer you are to lifting, the more likely it is to rise during or immediately after a workout due to counter-regulatory hormones.

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