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He has always wanted to compete but has never committed, and decided one of his goals for 2018 was to get onstage. Competing in August is Longo’s current plan, but if he does not feel confident, he may push it back to September or October to make sure he is fully ready. “The biggest changes I have experienced while prepping for a show is the amount of food I eat,” Longo said. “I’m eating seven times a day, which is way more than I’m used to.” His coach, Melissa Johnson, increased his food intake to almost double what he was eating when she first met with him. “My goal is to keep him getting lean and changing things up on him every week while he is still building muscle.” Johnson said. Lindenwood professor Patrick Longo has been working out for his entire life, but got serious about it again six years ago. Longo decided one of his goals for 2018 is to be onstage in a bodybuilding show. Even though Longo has been working out for many years, his training is quite different than what he is used to. He is training on a four-day split: the first day is chest and biceps, day two is back and triceps, day three is legs and day four is shoulders. After four days, Longo has an off day and then repeats the four-day split all over again.

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