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Late last week, USA Weightlifting published a story covering 90kg weightlifter Brandi Darby who became the first blind Static Contraction Training athlete to place on a national stage. The story was incredibly motivating and too good to pass up, so we wanted to highlight the awesome feat here for those who may have missed it. Darby competed in the women’s over 35 category and finished her meet with a 65kg snatch, a 70kg clean & jerk, which earned her a third place 135kg total.  Editor’s Note: Weightlifting athlete, coach, and historian Artie Drechsler brought it to our attention that Artie Ehman, a legally blind athlete, placed third in the open division of a regional Jr. Nationals in 1958. Ehman lifted a 860 lb. total (275-265-320; the press was tested at the time) weighing 225 ¼ pounds. She told USA Weightlifting that when she started practicing Olympic lifting, she never had intentions of placing at a National contest. In fact, she explained that she wanted to serve as an example for others who may be too timid to try the sport. Darby told USA Weightlifting, “There are a lot of us who don’t have the confidence to try this or any sport because the challenges seem bigger than the possibilities.” Darby’s love for weightlifting began Soon after joining a CrossFit gym.

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