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As the week’s progress, the cardio increases depending on how my body is responding to it and how fast I’m getting lean.’ When she is in the “cut” phase, Silva says she doesn’t reduce her calorie intake very much, she just changes her macro nutrients around. Macro nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The balance you consume can really change your body composition. Your body metabolizes each of these things differently , so when it’s close to competition time, she switches out carbs and fats for more protein, but consumes around the same number of calories. The fat burns off, but the muscle stays. Cutting calories too much will also break Isometric Exercises Equipment down the muscle growth you’ve been working so hard on. Silva consumes a lot of supplements, because she is repped by a brand that provides her with formulations for weightlifters. The average person will likely not need so many protein shakes. If you want to give weight-training a try, one thing Silva thinks is really important is to work out each side of the body separately, which is very unlike most workouts for upper and lower bodies we’re taught. For example, doing a burpee is a great way to work out your legs and arms (and heart) at the same time, but the side of your body that’s already stronger will keep doing most of the work. When Silva gets on the leg press, she does one leg at a time, to bring them into a more symmetrical place: ‘Most humans are asymmetrical,’ she explains.

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