An Insightful Overview On Swift Secrets For Fitness

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Why not? It's a choice between sweating and struggling for breath and, well, beer. It's not even a hard choice. So at some point a bro realized there was something important missing from the world of beer drinking—yoga. Beer and yoga then had a tasty, stretchy baby and made broga . As the 2015 AP video above attests, Californians have known about the benefits of broga for a while, because they're in California. The beer is probably even gluten-free.  Australia's 9News recently looked into broga and—jokes aside—discovered it has some genuine benefits. They found that it is good for mental and physical health. The Melbourne instructor interviewed for the segment said that the beer could help "men loosen up for poses," and it'll also "open up your hamstrings." Another benefit? Hanging out.

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